Online Diploma in Humanitarian Logistics

Online Diploma in Humanitarian Logistics

Mode of Learning: Online Learning

Start Date: 1st of every Month.

Course Duration: Six Months (2 hours Per Day)

Course Overview

Effective management of logistics is very important in humanitarian actions.

This course underscores the uniqueness of humanitarian supply chains

compared to the commercial supply chains. It highlights the whole process of

humanitarian logistics planning, emergency mitigation, disaster

preparedness, response and recovery in the challenging context in which these

activities are undertaken. Among the operational challenges impacting on

humanitarian logistics include funding, coordination, lack of local capacity

and harsh environments.

Course Outline

 Needs assessment; assessment of beneficiary needs and programmatic


 How to respond to emergency responses

 Planning for movement of people and supplies in crisis situations

 Balancing cost effectiveness, product availability, product quality and

humanitarian objectives

 Challenges with obtaining local supplies and human capacity to meet

emergency needs

 Balancing immediate tasks with improving a system for logistics operation

 Risk management; risks and challenges in the supply chain

 Ensuring effective transport plan and delivery time lines

 Analysis and improvement of humanitarian supply chains

 Measuring performances and meeting targets

 Logistics Monitoring and Evaluation

Learning Plan

 Access to course materials on E-Learning Platform

 Online interaction with Course Moderators

 Monthly assignments

 15-20 Page Project Paper

 End of Course Examination

 Certification

Cost: Amount €700 per Person

To register for this course, kindly send an expression of interest to:

The Training Manager

Strategia Netherlands

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