This online basic course is intended to enable you build up an understanding and

comprehension of the fundamentals of management and of the ways in which

organizations carry on. By investigating the four pillars of management: planning,

organizing, leading, and controlling, you will get knowledge on how organizations

use available resources to accomplish such goals. This course will also provide you

with knowledge in the field of management and organizational structure.

This Effective Organizational Management online course will commence with the

mechanics of organizational change, then move to skills required to oversee both

individuals and processes. With our course modules, you’ll learn to balance

operational obligations with the strategic goals of your employer.

DURATION: Six Months

DATES: 1 st of every Month

FEE: USD 1000

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Tel: +31 610 526 239 +31 682 546 260

Email:  info@strategianetherlands.nl

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