Gender Based violence has been noted to be on the increase over the last couple of years and has been identified as a worldwide human rights and public health issue. This diploma course in Gender Based Violence is aimed at increasing the capabilities and commitment of stakeholders to initiate programs that focus at eradicating GBV and advocate for gender equality.

Enroll for this online course and get equipped with the ability to prevent and respond to GBV, introduction to fundamentals of GBV and the policies and laws on GBV. skills and knowledge to prevent and respond to sexual and gender based violence, the basic concepts of Gender Based Violence and familiarize yourself with GBV frameworks.
Additionally, the course will also look at the impact of Gender Based Violence on various sectors like health and education.

DURATION:  Six Months

DATE:      1st of every Month

FEE:       EUROS 700

To register for this course send an email to:

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Strategia, Netherlands
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Tel: +31 610 526 239 +31 682 546 260
Website: www.strategianetherlands.nl

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