Online Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation (M/E)

Mode of Learning: Online Learning

Course Duration: Six Months (2 hours per day)

Strategia is an International management training organization that provides capacity building services in health,

safety and security and in humanitarian actions.

Course Background

Monitoring and Evaluation is part and parcel of humanitarian and development work. M/E processes begin with

project design through planning, project implementation and impact assessment. M/E systems help track plans

and provide verifiable indicators for activities planned and implemented. It is a very important activity in

decision making processes that affects the success or failure of a project. The course takes the learners through

Monitoring and Evaluation results chain from project planning, outputs, outcomes through impact. The course

will help participants to understand the key elements of M/E such as information gathering, data collection and

knowledge management which are key attributes in decision making for effective programme interventions.

Course Target

The course targets development professionals such as Monitoring and Evaluation Managers and M/E officers,

researchers, planners, project managers and project officers keen on results based development.

Why choose this course?

Monitoring and Evaluation has become a very important sector in development work. The course will be

delivered by M/E practitioners with extensive field and technical on experience in project planning, project

implementation and in M/E results based approaches. Monitoring and Evaluation has become one of the most

marketable careers in humanitarian and development work.

Expected Outcomes

Correlate Project Management to Monitoring and Evaluation

Understand monitoring and evaluation and its functions and why M/E is important in development


Describe the functions and main components of an M&E plan

Understand conceptual and results frameworks as well as logic models

Describe how logical frameworks are used for M&E planning

Understand the criteria for the selection of indicators and describe how they are linked to frameworks

Identify types of data sources, data analysis and data management

Describe how M/E findings can be used for project decision-making and planning

Course Content Modules

Introduction to Monitoring and Evaluation

Deciding on what and how to monitor during project design

Deciding the key outputs and outcomes (results) expected of the programme

Determining results using logic models

Planning a project using the logical framework approach

Developing a Monitoring and Evaluation Matrix

Indicators, Outputs, Outcomes and Impacts

Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks

Monitoring Plan

Monitoring and Evaluation Tools and Methods

Data collection, Data Analysis and Data Management

Stakeholder Analysis

M & E Reporting

Communicating M&E findings to initiate learning, project improvement and project ownership

Developing a practical Monitoring and Evaluation System for your project

Learning Plan

Access to course materials on E-Learning Platform

Online interaction with Course Moderators

Monthly assignments

Project Paper



Course fee: The course costs €700. This fee caters for course registration, e-learning moderation, course

materials, examination and certificate

Courses begin on 1 st of every month.

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