HI018:Certificate Course in Humanitarian Operations in Emergencies- Managing Projects, People, Administration and Logistics in the Field

As the number, magnitude and complexity of global emergencies continue to increase, material management methods must adapt to meet the new challenges.
Irregularity in terms of size, timings and locations is a characteristic feature of demand for relief items and the irregularity presents a unique challenge to relief fulfillment systemsThis course is a response to the growing needs of Non-governmental organizations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their logistical systems
The topics to be covered include the following;

  • Principles of intervention
  • Management of humanitarian emergencies
  • Reasons for humanitarian intervention
  • Actors in humanitarian relief
  • Water management and sanitation
  • Sustainable solutions to humanitarian crises
  • Principles of the sphere project and the code of conduct
  • Management of health questions in humanitarian intervention
  • Logistics: convoys, storage, distribution of Aid and the management of shelters
  • Administration of food aid

Course Begins on 1st of every month for three months.
Course Level: Certificate Course
Cost: Amount €400 ( Inclusive of 21% VAT)
To register for this course, kindly contact
Strategia Netherlands
Zuiderbrink 63, Gravenhage
The Netherlands
Website: http://strategianetherlands.nl

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